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About Monroe Housing Collaborative

3 Partners, 1 Mission

The Monroe Housing Collaborative was formed with local nonprofit agencies to improve the lives of people with disabilities® by addressing the growing need for integrated, affordable housing throughout Monroe County.

Al Sigl Community of Agencies, CP Rochester, and EPI have come together to gather the residential needs and preferences of those with disabilities, while working to expand living options in the Greater Rochester area.

The Challenge

All people deserve the opportunity to live in the community of their choosing, and this is no less true for those with developmental or acquired disabilities. However, there is a significant lack of housing currently available in the Monroe County region that meets the living requirements of people with special needs.

The following factors have contributed to the increasing demand for safe, affordable housing:

This influx of people with disabilities in need of community housing has created an opportunity to enrich their lives by providing the support and infrastructure necessary to connect them with the right housing.

Our Solution

The Monroe Housing Collaborative transforms the way individuals make their housing and related support needs known. We provide a platform to locate and track available residences, while giving people with disabilities the opportunity to submit their personal housing preferences. Using this information, our community partners combine their expertise, experience, and support networks to find housing that matches each individual's requirements.

As a supportive all-in-one resource, we provide accurate details on available housing including type, location, cost, and accessibility. In addition, MHC contributes to the planning and development of new residential options that meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in our community.

With the coordinated efforts of our partners, the Monroe Housing Collaborative is committed to creating and identifying a range of housing options for those we serve.

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