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Committed to a Better Way of Living

Monroe Housing Collaborative creates community-based housing to meet the financial & personal needs of people living with developmental or acquired disabilities.

Strength of Collaboration

By bringing together the expertise of community partners, MHC combines the resources & support necessary to find the right housing for those with special needs.

Individually, each organization has extensive experience in providing, developing, and managing residences for individuals with a range of developmental or acquired disabilities. Our partners are dedicated to effectively and efficiently connecting the people they serve to local housing that fits their specific needs.

Collectively, the Monroe Housing Collaborative has come together to utilize the talents of each partner to have a stronger impact on the lives of people of all abilitiesĀ in our community. The established history of our partners gives us the ability to ensure housing options are readily-available and easily-accessible throughout Greater Rochester.

With the coordinated efforts of our partner agencies, the OPWDD, families, and community developers, the MHC is proud to increase residential opportunities and open more doors to affordable, comfortable housing for those with special needs.

How MHC Finds the Right Housing For You

Monroe Housing Collaborative provides an easy-to-use resource of beneficial housing information with tailored residential solutions for each individual's needs.

Our Housing Process:

By focusing on every individual's unique circumstances, the Monroe Housing Collaborative gives people with disabilities the simplest way to find the right home.

Contact the MHC for individual support with your housing needs.

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