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City of Rochester Neighborhood Service Center Locations

City of Rochester Neighborhood Service Center locations in Rochester, NY

The City of Rochester is broken into 4 quadrants.  Each quadrant has a Neighborhood Service Center location.  These satellite locations are staffed with people who can assist you with many questions and issues regarding your neighborhood.  They can assist with things like code enforcement, Lead hazard reduction, home purchase assistance, Rochester Land Bank Corporation, noise ordinances and many other services.  The Neighborhood Quadrant Service Centers are there to help the residents of those areas make their neighborhoods a better place to live, work, play and raise a family.  Most Neighborhood Quadrant Servce Centers are open from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.  After hours the calls are taken by the City Hall Service Center and followed up with on the following business day.

Northwest Quadrant Service Center

71 Parkway - First Floor
Rochester, NY 14608
Ronald Penders, Administrator

Northeast Quadrant Service Center

500 Norton St
Rochester, NY 14621
Pamela Reese Smith, Administrator

Southwest Quadrant Service Center

(585) 428-7630
923 Genesee St
Rochester, NY 14611
David Hawkes, Administrator

Southeast Quadrant Neighborhood Center

(585) 428-7640
320 N Goodman Street - Suite 209
Rochester, NY 14607
Nancy Johns-Price, Administrator

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